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Working from Home: Six Multi-Tasking Spaces that Need Laminated Wood Floors

As many people have had to adapt to changing circumstances over the past year, living spaces have taken on new functions and purposes. Work, school, play and life are now converging at home more than ever before. If you’ve found yourself spending a lot more time at home than you used to, then by now you’ve noticed that your new way of life is wreaking havoc on your floors. You need a floor that is durable enough to handle your new lifestyle, but beautiful enough to deliver style you like looking at all day—like the newest generation of laminated wood flooring.

Here are six versatile home spaces that can be updated with laminate flooring to accommodate living, working, educating and recreating at home.

classic kitchen

Kitchen—Coffee Shop and Cafeteria

What was once a space dedicated to home-cooked meals and grab-and-go snacks is now pulling triple duty. If you’re a former office dweller accustomed to a daily trip to the coffee shop, the new work-from-home reality likely has you perfecting your home brewing skills. For parents of virtual learners, kitchens now transform at midday into school lunchrooms, complete with a line of hungry students.

All this new foot traffic can lead to more spills, and you may be longing for a flooring option designed to handle the stress. This is definitely a job for laminated wood flooring! Not only do these floors stand up beautifully to frequent spills, but they offer greater comfort underfoot to bring a sense of calm to your inner barista or cafeteria worker (or both).

beach house dining room

Dining Room—Classroom and Conference Room

Like the kitchen, the dining room has been promoted to a prime location for all manner of communication and education. Whether your dining room serves as the backdrop for virtual learning or simply offers the best lighting for video teleconferences, it certainly gets more use than it was accustomed to.

Increased use often goes hand in hand with more wear and tear on your floors -- science project spills, chairs constantly sliding back and forth, and every kind of accident in between. With laminated wood flooring, you won’t have to worry about whether your floors will survive all these changes, as they’re designed for real life (even if your real life now involves homemade volcanoes in the dining room).

modern living room

Living Room—Home Theatre

With limited entertainment options available outside of the home, you may have found your new favorite movie theatre just so happens to be in your very own living room. You’ve upgraded your television, added cozy cushions and throws to your couch, and leveled up your ottoman game—but what about your floors?

More family movie nights in the living room means more spills and foot traffic, and while everyone loves going to the movies, no one wants a sticky movie theatre floor at home. This is the perfect time to get low-maintenance, durable laminated wood flooring to complete your home theatre.

rustic office

Foyers & Hallways—De-Stressing Zones

Once upon a time, our hours in the office were bookended by commuting time, when people could zone out to a podcast, sing along to our favorite music, or even work out stress by shouting at fellow commuters. Now that work lives and home lives are increasingly intertwined, it has become important to identify neutral spaces for getting away to de-stress. Foyers and hallways are great spots to pace, either furiously or thoughtfully, away from the relative chaos of more centralized locations in the home.

If you’ve got a high-stress job, you may find your frequent trips to pace the hallways are wreaking havoc on your floors—and the last thing you need is to stress about your floors. Hallways and foyers are two more spaces that would benefit from laminated wood flooring and continue to look amazing no matter how much stress you throw at them.

Closets/Private Conference Rooms

If you haven’t had to quickly take an unexpected call into the quiet refuge of your closet, have you really even been working from home? Sometimes the echoes of a large space or the chatter of an online class blaring in the background can turn a conference call into a logistical nightmare -- so off you go to the closet for some peace and quiet.

Closets not only offer privacy, but the smaller space, coupled with a warm laminated wood floor, also provides optimal comfort and acoustics for your phone conferencing needs. With laminated wood floors, you don’t have to worry about scratching your floors as you slide baskets, boxes, and containers out to make room for your kid-proof, pet-proof, sound-proof mini office!

classic blue bedroom

Basements or Guest Rooms—Home Gyms

Working out at home has been steadily rising in popularity over the past year as going to the gym has become impractical or impossible in some areas. However, since most homes don’t have a dedicated workout space, basements and guest rooms have stepped in to fill the gap.

Whether your home gym consists of a yoga mat and resistance bands, a stationary bike, or a weight rack and lifting bench, you’ll want to feel confident that your floors are up for the challenge. As you might have guessed, the durability of laminated wood flooring is a perfect fit for a home gym, ready to handle the added stress of exercise while also retaining the stylish look you want for your guest room or basement.

Now is the ideal opportunity to create spaces that work best for your life. Flooring is the foundation for every room in your home, so it’s critical to choose a floor that’s built to withstand the increased demands of your multi-use spaces while also complementing and enhancing your unique style. RevWood Plus laminated wood flooring checks all the boxes: durable, beautiful, and easy to own. From closet to kitchen to home gym to virtual classroom, you’ll love the look, feel, and strength of RevWood Plus flooring.