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bedroom scene: plush SmartStrand carpet cozying up the room

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Top Bedroom Carpet Trends

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Update your bedroom with easy-care carpet.

Carpet is back! Especially in bedrooms. Sinking your bare feet into soft, warm carpet is a wonderful way to start the day. If you’re considering a bedroom update, you will want to familiarize yourself not only with popular carpet styles but also the latest in fibers and technologies available from products on the market today.

Benefits of Bedroom Carpet

Carpet’s main benefits come from its softness. Did you know that carpet actually insulates the floor? Not only does it feel good underfoot, but it may even help lower utility bills. Plus, carpet’s softness makes it the quietest of all flooring — ideal for getting a better night’s sleep, since you won’t hear every footstep or those clicking pet claws echoing around the room.

You can read more about the choice between hard and soft surface flooring in our recent post, Carpet vs. Hardwood.

Evolving Innovative Carpet Technology


No one wants to spend all their time following kids and pets around in an attempt to protect new carpet from daily life. Technology has changed dramatically over the years, and carpet made from fibers that are easier to maintain definitely rates among the top bedroom carpet trends.

Triexta Fiber

High-performance triexta carpet fiber, for example, offers Nanoloc® technology, which completely encapsulates each fiber. Nanoloc keeps spills from penetrating and becoming stains, so your carpet is extraordinarily easy to clean. Triexta also comes with spill and soil protection, plus permanent stain resistance, making it perfect for busy families with pets.

Solution-Dyed Fiber

Solution-dyed polyester provides color that goes all the way through every fiber rather than just sitting on the surface. This technique helps the carpet resist bleaching and fading that can come from frequent cleaning. So your carpet retains that perfect shade of cream to match your bed linens.


Carpets with EasyClean technology offer additional spill and soil protection for carpet that resists dirt and stains, resulting in less time spent cleaning up. And isn’t that what we’re all after?

Trend Toward Sustainable Materials


Sustainability is another major bedroom carpet trend that gives homeowners more options for eco-friendly flooring. Look for OEKO-TEX®-certified carpet fiber like triexta, certified free from harmful substances. Triexta is also made with renewable, plant-based ingredients that consume less energy with fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Using its patented Continuum® process, Mohawk even makes a polyester carpet from post-consumer plastic bottles, helping divert tons of plastic from our landfills and waterways.

Contemporary Carpet Designs

beige carpet in modern, bright bedroom

Popular carpet styles span the color spectrum from light neutrals to deep jewel tones. Before selecting a carpet for your bedroom, think about the feeling that you want to evoke in the space — cozy, tranquil, moody, etc. Your color choice will make a major impact on the room’s ambiance.

Lighter Neutrals

Neutral carpet shades will never go out of style and can easily accommodate shifts as your personal design preferences change over time. Currently, neutral tones are trending lighter than in previous years, with an emphasis on creams and pale beiges, for example.

Natural Hues

Mother Nature’s palette is definitely on trend for carpet, especially in greens. Olive, leaf, or moss green carpet will add a naturally serene feel to your bedroom. Watery blues and even earthy warm hues are also included in the organic colors trending in bedroom carpet.

Jewel Tones

If you want to create a sense of luxury in your bedroom, you may want to embrace the carpet color trend toward jewel tones. Emerald green or sapphire blue will ground your room in dramatic richness, helping create a space fit for royalty.

Shop Local for Bedroom Carpet

Visit our store today to see all the latest in contemporary carpet designs. We offer the extraordinary cleanability and exceptional durability of Mohawk’s SmartStrand®, made with triexta, as well as the sustainable style of EverStrand® solution-dyed carpet, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. And, of course, both of these easy-care Mohawk products are available in a variety of trending colors.