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Tile flooring in ceramic or porcelain from Budget Flooring

Porcelain tile flooring is the best grade of ceramic tile. When installing tile, the choice depends on things such as:
  • The amount of traffic
  • Probability of moisture
  • Level of the home
  • Radiant heat

Both ceramic and porcelain tile offer a huge array of textures, colors, sizes, and styles. Functionality is a bigger issue to address than aesthetics. The tile needed depends upon its location in the home.


Ceramic tile

A mixture of clays is pressed together to form ceramic tile. It can be glazed or unglazed. A special
ceramic coating is applied to the body of the glazed tile. Tremendous heat is then used to fire the tile. The
glaze becomes non-porous and hard.

The resulting tile possesses these characteristics:
  • Easy to clean
  • Fire resistant
  • Scratch and stain resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Does not fade in sunlight

The glaze on ceramic tile does not go through the entire tile. If a ceramic tile chips, the color shows through.

Porcelain tile

A much finer clay is used to make porcelain tile. Feldspar, quartz and kaolinitic minerals are covered by a spray. The clay is dry pressed and is fired at a higher temperature than ceramic tile. It's resistance to moisture is the most important characteristic of porcelain tile.

Porcelain tile is also resistant to frost, deep abrasion, and wear. Those characteristics make it an excellent product in harsh climates. At one time, porcelain flooring tile was only available in 12" X 12" squares. Today, porcelain tile comes in many sizes. A 20" X 20" tile can be used to create a stone 'slab' look.

The most beneficial characteristics of glazed or unglazed porcelain tile are less porosity. This makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where water can be an issue, and it's density that tolerates higher loads.
Ceramic and porcelain tile flooring in Las Vegas, NV from Budget Flooring

Choosing between ceramic and porcelain tile

Both porcelain and ceramic tile flooring are available in abrasive slip-resistant, matte, and high gloss finishes. Ceramic tile, having a bright reflective surface is not recommended for floors that have poor abrasive resistance and pose a slip hazard.

Other considerations when choosing tile include:
  • Size
  • Color of grout joints
  • Tile thickness
  • Variation in height from room to room

Our experts at Budget Flooring and Shutters help customers from Red Rock, Mountain's Edge, Green Valley, Henderson, Summerland, and Las Vegas with all the considerations needed to make an informed decision about ceramic or porcelain tile. Our tile showroom is located in Las Vegas, NV.

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