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Stone flooring - a touch of nature in your space

Few things in life say more about you than your home. What’s inside those walls, on those walls, and against those walls, speak volumes about who you are, what you love, where you’ve been - your style. It goes without saying that you should use the same thinking when choosing your stone flooring. Because any floor covering in your home impacts interior beauty, design, décor, comfort, livability and upkeep. It’s a fact, floor coverings can make or break a home.

Because of the number of natural stone flooring choices, patterns, textures and price points, shopping for natural stone can intimidate even the most experienced shopper.
  • typical natural stone floor tile sizes: 12”x12”, 13”x13”, 16”x16”, and 18”x18”
  • two types of edges for natural stone floor tile: a polished bull nose edge or a polished straight edge
  • two basic types of stone used in the building industry, natural stone such as marble, granite, or limestone, and agglomerates (manufactured stones)

Natural stone can be grouped into three classes

  • Igneous rock- formed when molten rock (called lava or magma) cools and hardens, granite is an example of an igneous rock
  • Sedimentary rock- formed from biological deposits that have undergone consolidation and crystallization, limestone and sandstone fall into this category
  • Metamorphic rock- created when other kinds of rocks are changed by great heat and pressure inside the earth, marble, slate and quartzite are examples

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